intacs Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)

intacs Certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)

Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines

intacs Training: Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity

Training Information


Course Details

Most of our trainings are performed online.

During Summer Time

Time ZoneTrainingHomework
CEST Summer Germany9:00 - 10:30; 11:00 – 12:30; 13:30 – 15:002h/day
CT China15:00 – 16:30; 17:00 – 18:30; 19:30 - 21:00

During Winter Time

Time ZoneTrainingHomework
CEST Winter Germany8:00 - 9:30; 10:00 – 11:30; 12:30 – 14:002h/day
CT China15:00 – 16:30; 17:00 – 18:30; 19:30 - 21:00



1. Subscribe

Please select the training and training date you want to participate in the shop and proceed through checkout. You will get informed by email on successful purchase.

2. Receive Training Details

Intacs, our licensing body, requires a minimum of five participants in the training. Once this number is reached, our training office will inform you with the confirmation and training login information. In case there are not enough subscribers to the particular training date, we will consult with you if another training date would be suitable for you, or if we should reimburse you.

3. Alumni

Participants of our training will be invited to join our alumni program. 


Training Components

Class Time

Professionals in engineering, management, and quality within mechatronic projects are learning to become efficient in interacting in their team, performing tasks, and providing the output needed for the subsequent process to continue. 

Interaction in class time in the training is helping you to get started on this journey.

Guided Self-Study

During class time, you will get assignments for self-study. A lot of relevant content for the exam, you need to sit down and study. The intacs certified training content and our own training material will be provided.

Student Presentation

Every participant needs to prepare a presentation during class time. The content you can present and answer questions you have mastered the best.

Assessment Simulation

One important workshop will be an assessment simulation. Participants need to train their interview, listening, and journaling skills. In the end, everybody will learn how to defend the rating using the process assessment model Automotive SPICE and the rating guidelines.

Trial Exam

We will provide a trial exam for your preparation


Inhouse Training

As all of our trainings you can book our training as inhouse training. Please contact our SPICE Training office for further inquiries.


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