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  • 2017Passion to Grow - China

    成立于中国昆明 昆明星慧商务信息咨询有限公司
  • 2019Founding Passion to Grow GmbH

    Passion to Grow GmbH Automotive Services

  • 2019KM楷迈德

    Representing Knüvener Mackert in china


    by 昆明星慧商务信息咨询有限公司
  • 2023SPICE-Training.com


    by Passion to Grow GmbH

Achim Gerber

General Manager

+49 7121 1361636

BAAutomation Engineering
MBAMaster Business Administration
intacscertified Automotive SPICE Principal Assessor
intacscertified Automotive SPICE PA Trainer
intacsAutomotive SPICE for Cybersecurity
German, English, 普通话 (Mandarin)


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