intacs™ certified Automotive SPICE Cybersecurity
13-Sep-2023 – 15-Sep-2023, Online#

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Course Details

TrainerChristian Knüvner
Dates2023-11-27 - 2023-11-28
Training ID11.004.36

Time ZoneTrainingHomework
CEST Summer Germany9:00 - 10:30; 11:00 – 12:30; 13:30 – 15:002h/day
CT China15:00 – 16:30; 17:00 – 18:30; 19:30 - 21:00



Legal requirements like the UNECE R155, EU Cybersecurity act or USA NHTSA Cybersecurity Guidelines require a vulnerability database to list all cybersecurity risks and their risk treatment decision to be known. This is done in the Cybersecurity Management System of the OEMs. 

In this training, you study the add-on Cybersecurity for Automotive SPICE. The goal is for you to be able to know the process assessment model (PAM) and get equipped for to conduct Automotive SPICE assessments.

You will learn: 

  • Cybersecurity motivation and history
  • Cybersecurity goals
  • Relevant standards and guidelines
    • UNECE R155, R156
    • ISO/SAE 21434
    • ISO PAS 5112
    • etc.
  • The concept of “assets” and asset management
  • Risk assessment methods and threat modelling
  • Methods for penetration testing
  • Security vs. Safety

Training Components

Class Time

Professionals in engineering, management, and quality within mechatronic projects are learning to become efficient in interacting in their team, performing tasks, and providing the output needed for the subsequent process to continue. 

Interaction in class time in the training is helping you to get started on this journey.

Guided Self-Study

During class time, you will get assignments for self-study. A lot of relevant content for the exam, you need to sit down and study. The intacs certified training content and our own training material will be provided.

Student Presentation

Every participant needs to prepare a presentation during class time. The content you can present and answer questions you have mastered the best.

Assessment Simulation

One important workshop will be an assessment simulation. Participants need to train their interview, listening, and journaling skills. In the end, everybody will learn how to defend the rating using the process assessment model Automotive SPICE and the rating guidelines.

Trial Exam

We will provide a trial exam for your preparation



Best in Class SPICE Booklet

As an official intacs certified training provider, Knüvener Mackert has compiled a good deal of useful training slides together with the Automotive SPICE® PAM into one useful SPICE Booklet. 

Official intacs™ Training Material

To ensure a high standard of training, intacs™ has standardized the training material. You will be given a copy of the licensed training material for your self-study and class time activities. You will find all the relevant information for the official exam in this material.

SPICE-Training Training Material

In the practice for many years, the Knüvener Mackert trainers have compiled their work experience into additional training material to complement the intacs™ resources



For the participation of the Training, you need to have completed the Provisional Assessor Certification.


Additional VDA QMC Services

Official Exam

We recommend that you book the Exam together with the training. This will give you a from the training provider independent score of your achievements.

VDA QMC License

The training certificate and the passed Exam will give you all the requirements to apply for the license directly with the VDA QMC. The license cost is not included in the training fees.


Inhouse Training

As all of our trainings you can book our training as inhouse training. Please contact our SPICE Training office for further inquiries.

Public Training

If this list is empty, no other public trainings in this category are currently planned



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13-Sep-2023 – 15-Sep-2023, Online#” 的评价者
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